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Welcome Everyone!

I’m JT and I want to welcome you all to my site.

A few years ago I had a tumour in my kidney and since then I have been on a journey of health and wellness.
I want to share everything I am learning along the way with others so that people can wake up and smell the roses before it’s too late. Life is too short to not care for ourselves and this amazing world that we live in!
If you want to read more about my story click here now. If you're one of those people looking for change and wanting to take control of you health and wellness - join the tribe by entering your details above.
I have created a free ebook full of yummy, eco friendly recipes that will save you money and help out the earth whilst also reducing the toxic load on your body.

Love JT xx


My Top 12 Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips
Ditch The Calories. There is more to health or even nutrition than calories in vs calories out. There is more
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Make your own facial Scrub – A great alternative to plastic microbeads.
Microbeads have got quite a lot of attention in the last few weeks due to Present Obama banning these in
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Nourishing Iced Chocolate
  This icy chocolaty goodness of a beverage is an excellent ‘pick me up’  that won’t have you experiencing a
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My Top Health & Personal Development Reads.
If you want to get educated on your health and wellness and expand in your own personal development, here are
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Make Your Own Jelly Treats
  Gelatin has amazing healing properties. Traditionally gelatin has been consumed through the use of broths and soups that are
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Reset your body in the new year with a gentle cleanse
Now the new year is back into full swing, I am doing a cleanse/reset to kick things off and get back into good healthy habits for 2016. You
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Lemon Coconut Bliss Balls (sweetened with stevia)
These bliss balls hit the spot if you feel like a healthy sweet treat.I sweetened with stevia which is natural
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Highlights From My Sri Lankan Holiday
Here are the highlights from my amazing trip to Sri Lanka. If you are thinking about going to this awesome
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