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12 Tips for a speedy recovery after surgery.

Speedy recovery after surgery

There are things I wish been told when I had my operation that would have aided my recovery. Unfortunately this is not really something our western medical system focuses on . You will need time to recover and do not underestimate the time it can take. It took me at least 8-12 months to feel totally normal again. Even if your surgery isn’t a big operation its still easy to underestimate how long it can take to heal and therefore can cause more stress when we decided to do too much too soon.

If you do have to have surgery here are some helpful tips to help your body recover from the trauma.


1.Mentally Prepare yourself.

 Your healing all starts with your mindset and attitude. Go into this with the attitude that you will heal quickly and fast. Below are some examples of  affirmations that you can say to yourself everyday before the event and while you are healing.

  • I am healing quickly and easily
  • Everyone that is caring for me has loving healing hands
  • I  love and give my body what it needs to heal quickly and easily

If your operation is due to illness or a medical condition then I highly recommend that you look into the mental causes for this as well. Louise Hays ‘You can heal your life ’ covers this really well and is something that I still use .

2. Stock up and prepare

If you know about your surgery well in advance make a recovery plan( I had less than 24hrs ). Organise someone to look after you. Stock up the pantry with healing foods, get the house clean and wash your sheets so everything is ready for when you arrive home from hospital and it means you can rest.

3. Take a probiotic.

From anesthetic & pain relief drugs to antibiotics, all of which will dramatically diminish the good bacteria in your gut. This can seriously effect how you feel. For me I was constantly nauseous and had no appetite. It wasn’t until I was released from hospital and went to recover at my parent’s house that my Mum gave me a probiotic . The nausea disappeared within hours. Up until then I was constantly ill .

4. Zinc and Vitamin C

Take Zinc and C pre and post surgery to aid recovery. Both of these help aid the healing of scar tissue.

5. Juice

I now juice every single day and in hindsight a couple of juices everyday would have been the best medicine for me .Juices are so good because the fiber is removed so the nutrients can be quickly released into your bloodstream. Try to have mostly vegetable juices as too much fruit is acidic and could bring on nausea.

6. Warm Lemon and Water

Every morning ask you carer to make you one of these upon rising. This will get your bowels moving which will aid your body to quickly remove the aesthetic from your system.

7. Vitamin E for scars

Use pure vitamin E oil for scars. Please do not use bio oil. It’s full of nasty chemicals .  I used this when I first got out of hospital but it’s wasn’t until I started using pure vitamin E oil that my scar started to heal properly

8. Be a Vegi Head

Get in as many veggie’s as you possibly can. On top of juicing you will need to eat live foods with every meal. This is what is going to help you heal. Avoid animal flesh and if not try to make sure its grass fed and organic. Avoid dairy and refined sugar.  Eat lots of soups and salads and add in some wholegrain such as rye, buckwheat, quinoa or black/brown rice.


Get your carer to give you some coconut water – from real coconuts. These are high in electorates and make you feel so much better.

10. Avoid Toxins 

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes pre and post opp. This sounds like a no brainer but hospitals serve tea, coffee and even alcohol to patients while they are in hospital. How this is ok I do not know.

11. Nanna Naps

This is one thing I did do really well. I am sure if I wasn’t under TLC of my parents I would have just sat and watched movies all day. Watching TV is fine but too much can be energy sucking. Give yourself time to heal and make sure you take proper naps in bed.

12. Take time to grieve and heal!

My mum said to me when I was recovering ‘The body will heal quickly but it takes time for the mind catch up’.This is so true. I think this is especially important for people who have had a ‘shock ‘operation or have been diagnosed with a disease such as cancer. The mind is a very important part of healing. When traumatic events happen to us it takes time for it to all sink in. I remember watching a movie while I was at my parents and then just breaking down ( the sad movie didn’t help ). I hadn’t received my results yet but I knew deep down that my tumour was malignant. I had to grieve and to be honest this went on much long after my scar had healed. Don’t rush the process.


You might even have a minor operation but it is still emotionally draining and I think it’s very imported to acknowledge this.


Let yourself evolve in the healing process through positive affirmations.

3 Responses to 12 Tips for a speedy recovery after surgery.

  1. Marie September 27, 2013 at 4:30 am #

    Good information, thank you for the tips.

    I know someone contemplating surgery I will pass on your website to them.

  2. Hattie September 27, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    Thank you for sharing. I was first induced and then had my baby via cesarean section 15 months ago and recovery (as well as being a new parent) was very tough. I was in hospital for 8 days in total with constant feeding of drugs so my body was full of them. I wish I knew these before then but will keep in mind for the next baby 😉 My scar is still very prominent so will try Vitamin E oil asap!

  3. Kitty September 28, 2013 at 2:26 am #

    I have never had an operation but I have given birth! Wish I had this info a year ago when I had my baby! Will def refer to this again if I have another! Thanks

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