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13 Tips On How to Stay Healthy Over The Silly Season.


Well December is now here and season festivities are in full force. With this can come many challenges for the wellness junkies. From party food & drinks to festive food at work it can be so easy to just let our health values slide.This can put our blood sugar levels and hormones totally out of balance . Everyone finds this time of year a challenge so I have put together a list of guidelines to follow so you keep healthy over Christmas.

1.Prepare and be organised.

Before you go to your party make yourself a green smoothie and /or green drink so that you arrive feeling full and nutritionally content. This means you won’t feel the urge to stuff yourself silly with anything that comes your way because you are starving hungry . If your body is screaming for energy and nutrition willpower won’t do jack.!

Also be sure to take some healthy EMERGENCY SNACKS with you so if there aren’t any healthy options at the party you have a back up plan. Carrot sticks, green powder, bananas , nuts and almond butter are all great emergency snacks.

2.Make a B LINE for the plants.

If there are healthy options at the party such as veggie sticks or rice paper rolls chomp on as many of these as possible. It doesn’t even matter if you fill up on these so you’re not very hungry for the main meal. I don’t care if you think you look like a pig. Take the opportunity to eat as many plants while they are available.

 3. Reconnaissance.

If you’re going out to a restaurant for a meal check out the menu in advance to see what healthy options are available. If the restaurant is the sort of place that puts lots of dairy and meat with every dish make a vegan or vegetarian request to ensure you get plenty of living foods. Grilled fish with salad is always a good option . Perhaps ask for a dairy free sauce as restaurants tend to use loads of cream and butter.

 4. Speak UP.

If you get an invite to a party and they ask you’re dietary requirements then speak up! Don’t be shy. If you think saying your vegan /vegetarian (even if you’re not) will help you have a healthier meal then say it. If you have a food intolerance says so. Don’t miss out or go hungry because you can’t eat something. What other people think is none of your business anyway so do what’s best for YOUR body.

 5. Greens First.

Always. No exceptions. Then eat what you please but always have plants first so you are fuller from the fibre in the greens and eat less of the naughty stuff

6. BYO Food

It’s always mandatory to bring something to a party right? Be the beacon of light by bringing something healthy and impress everyone with how delicious it is. Raw desserts are always great because it’s often dessert that can let you down. I went to a lunch last weekend and I knew there wouldn’t be many plant options so I bought a roasted vegetable quinoa salad and a raw vegan chocolate cheesecake. I got lots of comments on how great they both were.

7. BYO Drinks

Can you bring your own organic wine or beer? Sulfates can add to the nasty hangover so why don’t bring your preferred organic option and share it with your friends.

8. Keep Hydrated.

Especially when drinking alcohol. There is always so much social pressure to drink at parties. Can you do 1 water, 1 drink? An even better option is mineral water and lime which can always look like vodka lime and soda. Who is to know anyway? Have a drink or two and switch to this healthy alternative and no one will be none the wiser. Dance up a storm and feel even greater the next day. Most people by the time dancing is happening won’t be sober enough to notice anyway. Another great water option is to make a  flavoured water such as fresh lemon mint and cucumber. It’s so yummy you will be drinking water all night.

9.Supplement before bed

When you get home have another alkaline green drink , a multivitamin and probiotic before bed to ensure you replenish your body. This could be the make and break between feeling good the next day and a having your head stuck in a toilet bowl.

10.Get back on the horse.

Often what makes a big night an unhealthy eating fiesta is eating junk food all the next day! It’s OK to have a blow out. It happens. Although do your best to get straight back on that health horse. As soon as you awake have a green juice drink and coconut water. Resist the urge to eat junk food and give the body what it needs to replenish itself. Fresh coconut water is the best thing you have to nurse a hangover as it’s full of electrolytes. A hangover is often intensified by the crash in your blood sugar levels from the sugar in the alcohol. Eat things such as complex carbohydrates and green plants to get that blood sugar back into balance. This will also help balance your body back to an alkaline state from all of those acidic party treats from the night before.

11.Get some shut-eye.

One of the other big parts of a bad hangover is sleep deprivation. Do you ever feel hung over when you’re jet lagged? Yep that’s sleep deprivation baby. Try to get to bed at a reasonable hour and if you need a Nanna nap the next day then take one so you body can recover properly.

12. Celebrate

Don’t forget it is Christmas and is OK to celebrate .You are only human after all and everyone like to let their hair down every once in a while. Can you do it in a way that is going to honour your amazing body and life ? What subconscious messages are you sending yourself if you’re overindulging in foods and drinks that aren’t serving you? Are you giving yourself the self-respect you really deserve ? This time of year is also a really great time to give yourself some love with nourishing food and drinks which is a positive way to reward yourself.Perhaps you could find a way to celebrate other than over eating and drinking booze? Go for a massage or spend the day unwinding at the beach with some friends. Celebrating can be down without having to neglect our bodies.

13. Reflection

The party season can be all go go go. Can you give yourself some time to reflect and look back at the year that has been? Has your year been balanced? What was good, great and terrible? What can you learn from these experiences? What do you want to change?


Happy Celebrating

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