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My 3 year Anniversary.


It’s been three years today since I went under the knife and had to get my Kidney removed because of a (very large and rare) malignant tumour.


So today I am taking some time to reflect on my experiences and be grateful for what I have learnt through this process.


I have grown so much as a person since then and it sounds cliché but the whole thing has totally made me stronger. I have come out the other side with a new perspective and am now more connected, spiritual, energetic and loving  . I am always improving and growing in each area of my life and I totally love this process.


Today instead of focusing on the cancer and loss of my right kidney I am choosing to celebrate life by being 100% grateful for all of those amazing people that have played such a massive role influencing me to grow in a more positive way.


I am also grateful for the people that have stuck by me and supported me . When something big happens you learn who your  friends are. When you change and grow then you REALLY know who your true friends are.


We have a choice when big and traumatic things happen. We can feel sorry for ourselves and focus on the loss or we use them as leverage to create change. When you look back at even the hardest things that have happened in your life can you be thankful for the lesson you have learnt?


If the answer is YES then celebrate! Celebrate that you are alive and breathing. Celebrate that you are growing and learning. Celebrate with Love. Enjoy the journey now and forget about the destination . The truth is without these huge events in our life we wouldn’t grow and without growth we would be dead.


If the answer is NO then why not ? Have you asked yourself this? What are you resenting and holding on to and can you change this into a positive by writing down all the things that you have learnt from these events?


So today I ask that if you are reading this celebrate life with me today by doing at least one thing for yourself with pure love. That might be going to yoga or taking a little extra time to prepare a delicious healthy nourishing meal or perhaps going for a walk or having a bath . Do something just for you. If you do this with love and it makes you happy then the others around you will feel it too.


Thanks for letting me celebrate my Anniversary with you! Have a wonderful, nourishing, happy & loving day.

Janet xx

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