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Video Blog: Is money stressing you out at the cost of your health?

Hello Lovers, It’s been a while I know. I have been on holidays in Sri Lanka and it was just ...
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VBLOG: My Morning Green Smoothie Todays post I show you how I make my morning green smoothie. Super easy and quick. Enjoy JT xx ...
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How To Read Food Labels Here is my latest VBlog on how I read food labels to decide if it is right for me ...
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My Morning Ritual That Detoxifies AND Removes Cellulite! This is my morning routine that I do every morning which makes me feel totally amazing! I combine this ...
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Quick And Easy Dairy Free Basil Pesto

If  you are looking  for a quick easy meal then making some pesto and throwing it in with some whole ...
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Do You Eat When Your Stressed Out ?

Do you eat in front of your desk or churn down your lunch in the car? Perhaps you scoff dinner ...
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Are You An Emotional Procrastinator ?

Are you an emotional procrastinator when it comes to your eating habits and cravings ? Are you an emotional eater who ...
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2 Easy Tools To Help You Manage Your Cravings

So I have just done my first Video blog. Here I discuss cravings and give 2  easy tools you can ...
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