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Why being Vulnerable can be a good thing!

I have a yoga teacher who always has a little chat at the beginning of each class and then he applies it to our practice. The other day he was discussing  how we no longer know how to be bored.

We now live in a world that is full of technology and distractions. We never have NOTHING to do.

We no longer ever have to sit around and just wait for a friend at a destination. We will whip out our phone and be emailing or on Facebook while we are waiting in order to avoid feeling vulnerable because we are sitting alone.

We get home after a busy day at work and  we turn on the tv or get lost in the internet which lets us drift  into a semiconscious non present state where we don’t have to think. We don’t ever have time to just think, process our emotions and just be.

This has also been something I have really become more aware lately because I totally get lost in technology. Guilty as charged. It’s hard to make myself think. I love having  27 pages open at once.

Because we are always entertained, there is no space to breath and let the in-between bits be full of things like thoughts and feelings.We use to be much more comfortable with being uncomfortable. There never use to be technology to mask this.

How can we really be our true self if we can’t sit through the vulnerability and the discomfort to see what’s on the other side?

My life has been very hectic at the moment and I was feeling unsure what to write. I did however ask the universe for a sign and once again it came through my Yoga class. It always seems to come through this medium and I have realised that it’s because being on my mat is actually one of the only times I stop long enough to LET the messages come through.

Where can you give yourself some space in your life so that you can listen to your heart? Where can you be more vulnerable and uncomfortable? Can you just stay with this and see what other feelings and emotions come up?

Perhaps it’s even making the decision to put down the phone or turn off the TV and have a conversation with a real person or about how your feeling.

You may get that answer or message that you really need or you may be given a gift of the real you shining through.

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