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improve digestion

Reset your body in the new year with a gentle cleanse

improve digestion

Now the new year is back into full swing, I am doing a cleanse/reset to kick things off and get back into good healthy habits for 2016.

You can do it for as long as you like really. 10 days should be the minimum. Ideally 21 or 30 days is best. It’s good to do this 3-4 times a year just to reset your body and get back into good habits. Life happens and you can’t eat perfectly all the time but it is super duper important to give your body a rest from things like alcohol and caffeine and sugar for periods of time so your liver can then process all the other environmental toxins in your body and eliminate them with ease. If you have a social function on such as a wedding or birthday (as I myself do) just have a day off and then get back into it the next day. Set some parameters for yourself on that day such as – I will have maximum of 3 glasses of wine at the wedding but stick to the clean eating at much as possible. That way you can still enjoy the social aspect without feeling left out. This is a reset so if you were to go crazy on that day you might undo all the hard word you had done previously so I recommend keep a lid on it and only really do this if necessary.


Why cleanse?

I myself like most people have over indulged in many ways over the last month with Christmas parties and holidays. There are things I have eaten and drunk that haven’t been the greatest for me body. Yes yes I openly admit that I do it too! I’m not going to pretend to be perfect because I am also human. I feel like a lot of people who blog about health make out as though they never stray. Well I think that’s complete bullshit!


I eat pretty well most of the time but In particular I like to let my hair down a little when I go camping and have a few wines or vodkas by the campfire and I even love cooking marshmallows! Now it’s time to get honest with myself as I haven’t been as caring to myself as I should be and its now time to get back on track and start to take  better care of my body and mind. It’s time for some serious self care!


It’s also important to recognise that we are being constantly bombarded with environmental toxins every single day! Heavy metals, cleaning and personal care products, pesticides and BPA’s and other toxins in plastics are chemicals that we absorb and digest every single day! Even if we are not using chemicals on our skin or in our home we are still exposed to so many chemicals every day. When our liver can’t cope with the amount out toxins it has to eliminate – it will store it in our fat cells. If we protect our liver from the normal toxins in food and drinks that we consume, such as sugar and alcohol our liver will have a greater chance at getting all the other junk out too!


Before Starting

I have a confession to make…..


I failed this cleanse on the first day.


I found some pudding in the fridge and couldn’t help myself. Oops. Afterwards I realised I broke 2 of the cardinal rules before starting a cleanse which I’ve outlined below:


1. Get organised

Start on a Sunday by getting organised for the week. Stock up the fridge and pantry with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, quality meats and good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, ghee (if you aren’t sensitive to dairy) and other nut oils such as macadamia and walnut oil.

Plan what you’re going to eat everyday to help you stay on track. Often writing out a meal plan and sticking it on the fridge is really helpful.


2. Remove temptations from the house.

This is especially important if you are just starting off your cleanse/reset when it’s natural to have strong sugar cravings. You don’t need any temptations around when you are having a moment of weakness. If you have a cupboard full of packaged foods that are not serving you, go through your cupboard and throw out all the things that are going to cause harm to your body. That is anything with numbers, sugar, colouring, flavourings, and preservatives, msg etc. Basically all that you should have in there that is in a packet are whole food ingredients eg, coconut flakes.

If you have other household members that are not cleansing and you aren’t in a position to throw out their food then that’s ok, kindly ask them to remove or hide the foods that you find to be a temptation.


Mothers, wives and girlfriends please pay attention!

YOU have the power to change your family’s health for the better! Take charge and make the change for your family. Why should you cook different meals for the family. When they eat what you eat your life will be a whole lot less stressful. They may not like it to begin with but trust me they will get over it and thank you in time.


I have done plenty of these before and still on the first day in I fell off the horse. I should have known better. Don’t make the same mistake as I did and plan ahead.


What to eat

I have grouped foods into 4 groups of what I am eating

Eat Abundantly

• Vegetables – all kinds and colours. Preferably organic – follow the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen as a guide
• Good Quality Fats such as avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Fats will keep you satiated.
• Fresh vegetable juices
• Smoothies with lots of vegetables and good fats such as avocado and a little bit of fruit if needed. Coconut water is always good in smoothie
• Herbal teas including dandelion tea as it is extremely good for the liver.

Eat moderately

• Organic and grass fed meats – follow the Palm Method with serving size of meat – no bigger than the palm of your hand
• Wild caught fish – try to eat the smaller size fish and keep the larger fish such as Tuna to a minimum due to the heavy metals that are in larger fish. If you do eat these then eat them with coriander or parsley as these have excelling chelating agents that bind to the metals so they are excreted rather than absorbed
• Try to keep the fruit to about 2 servings a day and go for low fructose fruits such as berries where possible. Your liver has to process the fructose and too much fruit in a cleanse/reset can put unnecessary strain on your liver.

Eat Small amounts 

• Nuts – all kinds (activated if possible). It’s helpful to note that peanuts are not nuts they are legumes
• Stevia if you are craving the sweet – try to use the green powdered version when possible. Otherwise the liquid drops.
• A teaspoon of raw honey each day if you really feel like you need it can be ok. I said only ONE teaspoon and try to not have this every day!!
• Grains such as rice, amaranth ( if you’re not sensitive) can be ok. If you are not sure if you are sensitive then cut them out .This especially applies if you have an autoimmune or other type or inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis. If in doubt – cut it out! You may want to consider also doing a full elimination diet to figure out what you’re really sensitive to and what is causing inflammation.


Here is the dreaded list. I know there are things in this list that you’re going to resist giving up. These are the items that when you read them your mind tries to justify why it’s ridiculous to give those things up and you don’t need to give them up. What you resist the most is the thing that is most likely causing the most damage to your body. It’s time to be kind to your body and give it a chance to detoxify and heal.

• All sugars – white, brown, honey, maple syrup, dates, dried fruit, agave syrup, rice syrup, glucose, dextrose and sugar alcohols that generally end in OL- e.g. sorbitol
• All forms of wheat
• All forms of gluten – this includes wheat, barley, rye
• All forms of soy
• All Alcohol
• All soft drinks, juices, sports drinks (except for fresh juices)
• All Dairy
• All flavourings colourings and additives – anything that basically comes in a packet really
• All Gluten – this includes all types of wheat, barely, couscous, oats
• Artificial sweeteners – such as aspartame and nutrasweet.
• Alcohol sweeteners
• Coffee and Tea – One Green Tea a day is ok

• All man made oils such as vegetable oil, canola oil, rapeseed oils and margarine. Especially margarine.These oils should never been consumed.

Daily rituals

1. Move – The more you move the more toxins you will eliminate from your body so move, move, move, every day even if its only for a 20min brisk walk
2. Drink lemon and warm water and ginger upon rising
3. Dry body brush in the morning – This helps with the lymphatic system and removing toxins from the body
4. Drink warm turmeric spiced tea in the evening
5. Lots of herbal teas during the day including dandelion root and liquorice root tea
6. Drink at least 2 litres of clean filtered water every day
7. Have some protein with every meal . This is particularly important for the liver detoxification pathways. Protein should be about the size of your palm with each meal.
8. Eat plenty of fermented foods – ACV, sauerkraut, kombucha, Kim chi, coconut yogurt, water kifer etc. Try to have at least 3 – 5 servings of this per day.
9. Supplement with a good probiotic and good quality fish oil such as Nordic Naturals cod liver oil. I buy a lot of my supplements from and if you click on this link you will get 5$ off on your first order.
10. Enjoy the process. The way you approach a cleanse makes all the difference. Do you have the attitude that you are depriving yourself or are you thinking that with every meal you are nourishing and loving yourself? Become aware of the stories you are telling yourself and create healthier more positive versions to get yourself through. Also become aware of how you feel each day. You may want to keep a journal on this process and the changes your body will go through.


Any questions please feel free to contact me via email or on facebook.

Good Luck!

JT x

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