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Do you live each moment to the fullest?

I did a morning yoga class this morning. Nothing like sweating it out and then having a reality check.While my thighs were burning my teacher was talking about living each moment to its fullest.


Are you really living each moment in the fullest?


This moment.


Right here right now.


Not yesterday. Not tomorrow . Not stressing about something that might or might not happen in the future or what happened 10 years ago which you can’t change anyway because that’s DONE.


Has your mind already wandered ? Let me bring you back.


It’s about life RIGHT here and right NOW ?


I love having these insightful moments when I’m on the mat as it’s such a metaphor for life.  When I am not in the pose but in my head I am not really in the moment. I’m not FEELING my body or listing to my heart. I am racing away letting my EGO run the show. EGO is anything that is has ‘I ‘in front of it. I can’t do this. I want that .So on and so forth.


When I’m present I can feel the mat below my feet, feel the burn in my legs and I listen to my breath. In these moments I fell so much more calm , connected and ALIVE!!!


This is exactly the same in everyday moments. When you get caught up in our head, just stop for a moment.


STOP and breathe.


Listen to that life source that you’re breathing in because the truth is without the breath we wouldn’t be here. It’s so obvious but I think we get so caught up sometimes that we just forget to appreciate something so simple yet amazing as this.


Feel the environment around you. Are you sitting? Or standing? Can you feel the ground beneath you? Can you feel the fabric on your skin ? How is your body feeling? What’s around you?


This week I am making it my focus to just try to live more in the moment and really make the effort with being present while eating. What does it taste like? How am I chewing? What’s the texture like?


Taking time out through the day to just be present and notice the little things will help you live each MOMENT to the fullest.



After all each moment is what makes up our LIFE.


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