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Do You Eat When Your Stressed Out ?

Do you eat in front of your desk or churn down your lunch in the car? Perhaps you scoff dinner down while watching Home and Away ….?

Today I talk about why it is SOOOO important for your body and well being to eat in a relaxed state.

Take 10 mins out of your busy day to sit down , breath , relax and eat and appreciate your food.


Janet xx


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    […] Stress. Again another captain obvious point you may think but the important question is how do you manage it? Are you in a stressed state all the time? Stress above everything else can have diabolical effects on your health. Taking some deep slow breaths is often the best way to manage it and it doesn’t require too much effort. Just a little bit of awareness. If you want to know more about this watch my Vblog about breathing. […]

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