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Farewell To An Amazing Woman.


Yesterday I said goodbye to an old friend who passed away at the sweet old age of 98.

Florence Maud Coombs : A.K.A  Aunty Flo or my adopted ‘ Granny ‘. She was one of the most incredibly wise, gracious , funny , stylish, spiritual and most importantly LOVING woman I have ever had in my life and I know I will never come across anyone quite like her again.

She worked as a buyer at David Jones for many years but this was was long before I met her . This however was evident in her sense of style which never faulted and she was never seen outside the house without a lovely hat on .  I also always remember her wearing high heel shoes. I remember I saw her in hospital a few years back after she had a stroke and she was still even wearing her heels then.

Florence was like a 2nd mother to my Mum and therefore I always spent time  as a young kid in the holidays at her house playing with her two grandchildren in their backyard cubby.

One of the most amazing things about Flo was her power in prayer. She was a strong Christian woman who had an amazing faith and ability to pray like no one else. If you had Flo praying for you, you had a fighting chance! I know that throughout my life  she has prayed many times for me and my family which was always so comforting to know especially when things were tough.Regardless of whatever higher power you believe in this kind of love and strong faith was something to be admired. It is what gave her the ability to love so much and touch so many peoples lives. This is the thing I remember the most. She always made me feel loved.

This has made me realise that you really don’t remember what people say ,but  how they made you FEEL. This is message I am choosing to take away from this experience . Giving love and making people feel like they are loved is what really does make the world go around. This is all ever Flo did and it is what she will always be remembered by so many for.

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  1. Amelia November 21, 2013 at 11:50 am #

    What a beautiful story.
    I really enjoyed reading about your Granny.

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