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Janet Testaz, known affectionately as JT, is a practitioner in Nutritional Medicine and the founder of Ecolove wellness, a holistic movement centred on health and vitality – not just in the physical sense, but an awakening of the mind and soul too.

As a holistic nutritionist and certified life coach, JT believes the body is equipped to repair itself when given the right tools, and some genuine self-love. But she would never have come to this realisation without her own life-altering health scare…

In 2010, at just 26, JT was diagnosed with a rare malignant tumour on her kidney. For five days as her health worsened, doctors had no idea why her kidney wasn’t functioning. In recovery, JT was struck with the realisation that she had little connection to her own body – and it dawned on her that the way she was living was making her sick.

She began embarking on a journey of self-healing that allowed her to see just how holistically the body works. The foods we eat, the way we think and even the way we deal with our emotions affect mind and body.

After realising how much her lifestyle influenced her health, JT began discovering her new, vibrant self, unearthing new depths of strength and vitality– and a fullness of life that has driven her help others see the same triumph over illness.

JT now actively helps clients overcome a wide range of health and wellbeing conditions. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Her own experience with adult acne, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and gut problems, combined with her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional (Naturopathic philosophy) Medicine, gives JT practical and personal understanding of the issues involved.

Using life-giving foods, emotional management tools and re-establishing a connection with the amazing world we live in, JT is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for complete, vibrant wellness to everyone she works with.


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