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No more plastic bags!

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I have a little pet hate.


Plastic bags.


Plastic in general really and seeing these on the beach and in the bush.

When I was a kid we use to go on walks and my Dad would always pick up a heap of rubbish along the way. I thought it was so embarrassing. However now I totally appreciate it. Did you know that there is a massive plastic bag island the size of  Texas in the middle of the pacific Ocean?Yeah that’s just unbelievable right. A garbage island. Made up of all our plastic.  Then sea life go and eat the plastic thinking its dinner and then they die. All because of humans putting plastic on everything.

So I am asking for you to do something. Next time you go for a walk pick up some rubbish and put it in the bin. It’s not that hard. Consider it your way of giving back. Next time you go shopping remember to take your own bag to the shops. It’s Not that hard. Buy biodegradable garbage bin liners. They cost a little more but think of the planet not yourself and the decision becomes easy. Otherwise shop at places that use biodegradable plastic bags and use these as your bin bags.

Every thing makes a difference. Every bit counts. Do you part. If everyone did this at least once a week then we would never see any plastic in the ocean.

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