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This One Simple Thing Can Protect You From Disease

There is one simple tip that you can apply to your everyday life that’s super easy and will protect you from a whole range of diseases.

That one thing is this:

Protect From Disease


It’s uber important that your diet consists of  not only loads of yummy plant based foods but plants that come in a whole variety of colours.

If you can make your plate look like a rainbow or an abstract artwork you will be getting a lot of awesome natural chemicals that help protect you against disease. These chemicals in plants are called PHYTOCHEMICALS.

Phytochemicals are the  natural chemicals in plant based foods that give them their colour , taste , smell and other distinct factors. They can have a huge  physical effects on the body such as acting as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and suppressing the development of disease as well as making you just feel overall just fabulous.

Turmeric , tomatoes, berries , citrus peels for example all have antioxidants that help to body inhibit cancer growth.This is just one example and I could write a whole list that is miles longs but my aim is to improve your health not to overwhelm you. The point here is if you want to keep your body in balance aim to eat the  rainbow of  plant based foods. That’s  the rules for plants ok… skittles do not count !

YOLO – You only live once so make it a good one.


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