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How To Read Food Labels

Here is my latest VBlog on how I read food labels to decide if it is right for me. Follow my guide and block out all of the noise. There is quite a bit of content so I hope that you may find it beneficial.

I’d also love to hear your feedback on this video in the comments below.


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  1. Stuggling with Acne? My story plus my epic guide on what to do about it! - Eco Love - November 16, 2016

    […] Ensure you are eating adequate and good quality protein with each meal. If you eat meat – try to go for the cleanest as possible. If you don’t then get savvy on where your protein comes from. Again it must be clean. If you eat tofu, make sure it’s organic and has no added rubbish in it. You can watch my video post here on how to read a food label. […]

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