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The REAL reason why you really want amazing health!



Why is good health so important? It’s such a talked about topic so why is it REALLY so important ?

Why don’t we just all eat and drink and be merry our whole life and then just die knowing we enjoyed ourselves? I thinks is because that’s not really living!

The true reason behind striving for excellent health is to live an amazing life.Health isn’t  just about what we put in our mouths or how many push ups we did at the gym today or if we can still squeeze into our favorite pair of Sass and Bide jeans.

Health is a way of being.

Ayurvedic medicine defines health as not just our body, rather  body,mind and spirit  which are all interconnected. Having this balance is essential if we want to live our TRUTH.We must aim to be functioning optimally so we clear the fog and live from a place where we are truly connected to our source and living our purpose.

That is what health is. Not some BS about how many calories we consume or how bad we have been because we ate some chocolate cake at work today.

When we change our perspective on this and start looking at health in this way we can then look at our bodies as a vehicle for living out  an amazing life.

If you had your dream car would you want to trash the engine by putting B grade oil in it? NO. Well your body is exactly the same. How we fuel our bodies then will have an impact on both our mind and body and it  affects our capability of  living each day to its fullest.

I know we all fall off the horse at times and stuff happens when we do go off course. Like a lunch with friends or a birthday party .That’s life baby! However if we know the real truth behind our desire for optimum health then it’s a hell of a lot easier to make better decisions or get back on track straight away instead of spiraling down a path of negative eating patterns.

This principle can also make us conscious of the fact that sometime what we are putting in our mouth is not from a  need to eat but because of some deeper emotional reason that we are not addressing and are trying to numb with food , alcohol or even drugs.

A huge part of this is also about listening to our bodies and what they are telling us. Last week I was quite run down and have lost my voice due to pushing myself too hard and over committing myself. My body told me to back off and take it easy. Just a reminder for me that I have to listen to the signs and put my health first otherwise I will not be able to really live my purpose and truth.

Good health is important to me so I can live from a place of love. To give love, be love and therefore live an amazingly fulfilling life.

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