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So you think buying organic is BS?

I was in the supermarket the other day buying a few things I can’t get from the organic markets.We were at the self service check out and my partner, Scotty kept stuffing it up and the poor lady kept having to come over and help us. He was being a pest trying to do everything super fast like a pro check out chick!It was quite funny but I was getting super cranky at him.

When I take him shopping its like taking a child to the supermarket. He wants to buy lots of things and I just have to say no. Then we have an argument in the middle of the supermarket because he picks something up and doesn’t even read the label.This totally irritates me and I really have problems holding my words because I am just so dam passionate about food and I only want 100% real food in our house!I then pick it up out of the trolly and start reading the label. Most of it usually goes back on the shelf however I do have to let some through to the keeper.We then bicker about it and have the conversation about reading labels and how I think it’s so important and how Scott thinks I am being mean and boring. If I saw us shopping I would wet my pants with laughter.

You might think  I am being a controlling cow but 99% of the time I do the shopping on my own and I have a way I like to do it. Then when we go together it is thrown into complete turmoil and I feel like I have to try to prevent WWIII from breaking out.

He means well and bless him for wanting to come and help me but it is really difficult when you have different opinions on things. My intentions are good because I care about what we put into our bodies AND whats good for the environment . Plus I just don’t want crap in the house.

Anyway when we were at the check out Scotty made a comment about how I insist on the organic stuff and the lady helping us was like ‘ oh yeah’ apparently it’s better ‘ with a hint of a sarcastic tone.

As I walked away it got me thinking…. Is that what most people think? Is organic really worth it? Or do people just think it’s a total rip off? Or are they just really uneducated in the matter?

I always get asked questions about buying organic. So I thought it was about time that I answer the FAQ’s. I am not trying to convince you to switch to organic however I do just want to get you to question things. To actually be perhaps a little prompted to look into it more and then make an educated decision rather than just thinking its all too hard.

I am now at a stage where I question many things in my world.I like to think about if the way something is being done really the right way of going about it. I think many people  don’t do this and just accept how things are without even giving it any thought. Part of this I think is due to how society educates us as children however I am not going to go into that now. My point is I think it’s important to ask questions.

Do I buy organic?

Yes I do. Currently I don’t buy all of my product organic but I try to buy the produce such as fruit and veg on this list and animal product as organic. I’m not totally anal about it. Sometime we don’t make the Saturday markets and then I have to improvise but I do try to buy at least 70% organic.

It it really worth it ? What’s the difference?

So I remember watching a 60 mins documentary quite a few years ago about organic fruit and vegetables. Farmers had animals dying from neighbouring farms that were spraying their crops with pesticides. Fish being born with two head and children born with no eyes! Yes seriously.

However I still didn’t really buy organic because I thought I could afford it. I was still in that mindset of ‘ I’ rather than ‘us’. I didn’t understand that we were all connected and I was living from a very much of a fear mindset.

Then I got sick. Had cancer and lost a kidney. Things started to change.

Anyway check out this video and you can be the judge

Endosulfin is now banned in Australia as this report is a few years old now. However there are still plenty of other chemicals that are causing damage.

This thing is that when we buy conventional produce we don’t know what is it. We have no idea. We can wash it but really they are throughout the whole food.

Our bodies is a whole pile of chemicals and we have millions of chemical reactions happening at any given time. So as you then know when you add chemicals to chemicals your get reactions. My view of it is that these pesticides are not meant to be in our bodies so if we add chemical such as pesticides to our bodies you will then get unwanted chemical reactions.

Here are a few illnesses that are now linked to pesticides

Plus it’s not just about our bodies. Buying organic or  chemical free is better for our earth! There is no denying that these chemicals pollute our waterways, soil and the air we breath. Everything we do in this regard  matters so we need to look after our  beautiful planet.

Why is it just so dam expensive?

Well there are several reasons for this.

  • It costs more to grow organic crops
  • it cost money to stay certified and loads of testing is involved.
  • It isn’t as popular as conventional fruit and veg so therefore it costs more. However as organic becomes more popular it will become more affordable. Choose to vote with your dollar where you can.
  • If you can’t afford to go the full monty then follow the dirty dozen and clean fifteen guide as what is the most contaminated.


Well I hope that clears up a few questions and gets your noggin ticking.

Until next time happy eating.

JT xx


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3 Responses to So you think buying organic is BS?

  1. Masha June 24, 2014 at 4:11 am #

    Janet, you sound exactly like me!! haha I always argue with Michael (my boyfriend) about what he wants to buy and he always makes it out that I never want to have any fun and that I am a party pooper because I choose to buy everything organic. I do admit that I am controlling when it comes to food because I care. I know too much to make ignorant decisions. I also question a lot of things. Even the other day I was thinking of going vegan because I don’t like the way that chickens are treated in the egg industry! I totally support organic food and think that it is super important but I do also come across people that think that it’s totally BS!! Just be grateful that you’re not one of them hehe 🙂 X

    • Janet August 27, 2014 at 3:47 am #

      Yeah I know right. It can be hard work sometime… baby steps


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