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My Top 12 Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips


  1. Ditch The Calories.

There is more to health or even nutrition than calories in vs calories out. There is more to food than just energy. What we consume determines our intake of other essential nutrients, which our body needs to function correctly. This is why counting calories on those typical weight loss programs does not work. There must be a focus on real food. Which leads me to point # 2.


  1. Just Eat Real Food – JERF

I love this term and I think it’s such a great philosophy to live by. It sounds obvious but we are surrounded by so many foods that are full of flavourings, colours and preservatives that cause health issues. A good rule of thumb is if it comes in a pack then you generally shouldn’t be eating it. If you can’t make it your own version at home then it’s off the table. Eat like your great-grandmother would have.


  1. Nourish the Gut.

A healthy gut is the foundation of good health. We have billions of tiny organisms that take up residence in our gut. These little critters play an important role in the function of your immune system and the all-overall health of the body. There is beneficial bacteria and not so beneficial bacteria. The goal is to have more beneficial bacteria than not. Traditionally we use to eat foods that were fermented but since refrigeration and adding preservatives to food this has changed. We need to consume fermented foods on a daily basis (ideally with each meal) to keep the guys in town. Consider them your personal army. They protect you and the army must be replenished to maintain power.

  1. Add IN more of the good stuff.

Focus on what you’re adding in to benefit and nourish your body rather than focusing on what you can’t have. Add in more plants food with every meal. If you eat meat, dairy or gains, it is a condiment not the main focus.


  1. Eat REAL fats

Avoid margarine and seed oils such as vegetable, soy, rice bran or canola oil, which are highly processed and cause free radicals in the body when consumed. Eat oils and fats that you could make at home yourself these include, coconut, olive, ghee, grass organic fed butter, and nut oils such as walnut and macadamia. Don’t be scared of these health fats. We need fat in our diet for healthy hormone production. We have fat on the outside of every cell in our entire body. Fat is essential for life. It is the quality and type of the fat that counts.


  1. Remove Wheat and Gluten From Your Diet.

No it’s not a fad. Modern day wheat has drastically changed over the past 50 years and the wheat that is now in our breads, pastas and cakes is very different wheat to what grandma use to eat. It contain 50% more gluten, its in so many foods you wouldn’t even believe (another reason packaged foods should be avoided). This dramatic change has led to many people developing a condition known as’ non celiac gluten sensitivity’. Even if you don’t have celiac disease you can be sensitive to gluten. Be careful of the ‘gluten-free’ products too as trying to do LIKE for like does not work. Many of these products use things such as corn and rice flour that can cause a dramatic blood sugar spike and potentially genetically modified. Also just because it is gluten-free does not mean it is healthy. Many food manufacturers out there are creating gluten free products but have no idea about health or nutrition.


  1. Eat Organic when possible.

Glyphosate is a commonly used herbicide that is used in ‘ round up’ owned by Monsanto. You may have heard of them? They claim that glysophate is not damaging to humans however we now know that is it extremely damaging to the bacteria in your gut. (Remember a healthy gut is the foundation of good health). Avoid when possible. Read The dirty dozen list for the most heavily sprayed

If organic vegetables aren’t in the budget then for goodness sakes please eat organic meats. Look for grass-fed and organic meats when possible. This is important as you what the animal eats really affects the nutritional profile of the meat. Eat better quality less often.

Lets also not forget the ethical component of this equation!!!! It’s not just about you. We are all connected and our decisions affect the health and wellbeing of the planet.

  1. Drink More CLEAN filtered Water.

This has been drummed into us to drink enough water and yes this is super important. However the quality of the water is just as important. Try to drink filtered water as much as possible and avoid drinking from plastic drink bottles as the chemicals from the plastics leach into the water and can cause hormone disturbances in the body.


  1. Avoid Toxins in your personal care and beauty products.

The beauty and personal care industry is extremely unregulated and there are thousands of chemicals used in these products including plastics, which have BPA in them. Many of these chemicals are hormone disrupting and put extra stress on your already over burdened liver. Many of these companies also test on animals. Go for more natural or certified organic products that don’t test on animals.


  1. Sleep

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night sleep especially for brain function. Try to sleep before 10.30 at night and take the time to wind down without electronics before going to bed as electronics interferes with melatonin production.


  1. Manage your stress.

We cannot escape stress in our modern would but it is crucial to manage it. Make it a priority to find ways to manage your stress. Go for a walk at lunch, meditate in the car before going to work, go to yoga, exercise, whatever works. It must be part of your daily routine and is an important part of self-care.


  1. Learn to Self Care

This is my last point but probably the most important off all my points. We have been conditioned by society to always say YES even though we mean NO ! We are perpetual people pleaser’s. We must retrain ourselves to put our self-care as a priority. All of my above points are completely useless is your attitude towards yourself is that you don’t deserve optimal health or to have the life of your dreams. Your fat, stupid, ugly, not good enough. You know what I’m on about. We all have this negative self-talk but we must learn to turn the volume down and flip the way we look at things.

Ask yourself –  are you doing this out of love or out of fear? This  single question is a game changer! Are you eating out of fear of getting fat or sick or love for nourishing your body? I know when I first got my kidney removed I was doing thing purely out of fear of getting another tumour. That ego voice rattles in my mind now and then but I can now turn it down. The way I view myself now has fundamentally changed ( still a work in progress mind you). Self care and self-love is now something I work at every single day.

We must learn to self-care – this is managing our self talk and caring for ourselves by listening to what we need physically, mentally and emotionally. I know your saying ‘oh but I don’t have time I have little people to look after and so many things to do! ‘, let me ask you this.

How can you be of the best service to others if you are not the best version of yourself?

Some days I rock it. Other days it falls over in a heap. That’s ok but it is something that needs to become part of your everyday practice if you truly want to live an awesome life.

Take the time to get you KNOW and look after you because you are AMAZING!

JT xx

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