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My Top Health & Personal Development Reads.

If you want to get educated on your health and wellness and expand in your own personal development, here are might top recommendations of books to read.


Health Reads

  1. Changing Habits Changing Lives – Cindy O’meara

This book is amazing book if your just starting out on your health journey and you have no idea where to start. I loveeeee Cindy O’meara and everything she represents. She is a true leader in the nutrition world. Her books are clear and easy to read. She has easy steps to follow to create a truly health life.

  1. Biology of Belief – Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr lipton is the person who bought epigenietcs to the general public. Basically epigenics is your environment superseding your genetic makeup. Bruce talks about the history of genetics and the humane genome project and how your genetics really only account for 5–8% of most diseases. This is an extremely empowering and exciting message. It made me realise really how much control we really have in regards to our health and longevity which is just so exciting. Take your power back!

  1. Wheat Belly – Dr William Davis

If you are wondering what all the hoo ha with wheat is and if it is just hype or really an issue then this is a must read! Dr William Davis is a cardiologist and as he was working with patients was becoming increasingly  frustrated at not being able to really help people. He started to tell his patients to cut out wheat as an experiment and the results he got blew him away. He then explains the effects wheat has on the body along with the story of how wheat has changed over the last 60 years. If you know you shouldn’t be eating wheat then education is key to compliance. If you understand what affect it has on the body then you will just no longer want to put that in your body.

  1. Hungry For Change – James Colquhoun & Laurentine Ten Bosch

This Book come from the highly successful film ‘ Food Matters’ and the sequel ‘Hungry for Change’. These films where one of the first things I watched that made such a big impact in my life. It put a firecracker up my arse and motivated me to take action. The book is a result of the films success and is easy to understand and has some great recipies only with a simple cleanse in there as well. If you haven’t seen the film then I recommend watching that too!

  1. Sweet Poison – David Gillespie

David is a Lawyer, which is the perfect ingredient for someone to write a book that requires a whole lot of investigation. David found from his own personal experience that when he gave up sugar he lost a lot of weight. This is a well researched book and a must read if you need some solid facts about sugar. Sarah Wilson also does the sugar thing too. Her cook books are also fabulous especially her latest one.

  1. Primal Body Primal Mind – Nora Gegoudus.

This isn’t for the faint hearted. Nora goes quite in depth into the world of Nutrition and the bodies biochemistry to explain how living the western diet is making us sick. Based on her on clinical experience and backed by research, she explains how eating a primal type diet can have such radical effects on your health. 

Personal Development Reads

  1. Spirit Junkie – Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabby talks about her own struggles with drugs and self hate. The course in miracles helped her change her mind and set her on the path that taught her how to love herself and her intuition that she endearingly calls her ‘ ing’. The pain that gabby experiences as a teen and into her early twenties is so relatable and it taught me the importance of developing a relationship with my own ‘ing’ as a personal guidance system in life. This is a must read if you are human.

2. Excuses Be-gone – Dr Wayne Dwyer  

Dr Wayne Dwyer ( may he and his cotton socks rest in peace) discuses the habitual thinking habits that people create around issues in their life that are causing them pain and holding them back. There is a great audio book version of this that is a lecture that Wayne gave and I never tire of listening to it. He also does a fabulous version for kids, teaching them about how to reach their own potential.

  1. You can heal your life – Louise Hay 

I read this before I got sick and thought it was really fricking hippy hippy la la. I then read it again later and found it totally transformational. It made me realize the emotional reasons behind my illness that needed to be healed. I am now quite a firm believer that there is always an emotional aspect that is involved with physical aliments or illnesses that need to also be addressed. Sometimes this is a hard truth to swallow but hopefully it will crack you open to the areas that need healing in your life. It’s a work in progress mind you. There is always more work to be done and I’m not claiming to be emotionally healed but it  opened my mind to this reality.

  1. The Desire Map – Danielle Laporte

This book turns goal setting on it’s head. Dainelle teaches that the reason we set goals in the first place is because we are chasing a feeling. Most of the goals we set however are not going to make us feel the feeling we are constantly chasing. She teaches how to identify your top core desired feelings and how to create your goals around this. It’s a excellent tool to use also when making descions as it takes out all the pain and you really are then just following your hearts true desires! Click here to check out

  1. Way of The peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman 

This is a novel based on sacrotes teachings. It’s an easy enjoyable read with lots of nuggets of wisdom along the way! An excellent holiday ready.

Happy Reading

JT xx



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