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Video Blog: Is money stressing you out at the cost of your health?

Hello Lovers,

It’s been a while I know. I have been on holidays in Sri Lanka and it was just wonderful. While I was away I recorded a video blog where I focused on some emotions I had come up around money. It was a total brain download, totally unedited and raw. I feel it’s important to share this with you as I know other people have experienced the same thing. My dilemma may seem to some like an insignificant problem because I was on holiday – but it can be applied to many other situations in real life too. I had the time to be present within my fears and then work through them.


What does this have to do with health you say?


Stress has a profound impact on our bodies. Ignoring our feelings and fears and letting them bubble inside is what often causes the most stress.

In short 

Stress = ‘fight or flight’ response by elevating our stress hormones (like adrenaline & cortisol ) = Elevated blood glucose levels and insulin and the creation of more free radicals = Oxidative stress (too many free radicals to antioxidants ratio) = damage to our DNA and long term inflammation = Diseases (and ageing!!!!)

I’m summarising here as the effects of chronic ongoing stress on our bodies is extremely complex, however the knowledge about the damage that stress can cause to our bodies should not be taken lightly. So as I worked through my own issues I connected it back to our health. This is stuff I know all about as not dealing with my fears and emotions I believe had a large role to play in the manifestation of my tumour which then lead to me losing a kidney.

This is why it is UBER important to eat real foods that provide us with the antioxidants and other nutrients we need to keep us in balance. If you’re always stressed AND you’re eating CRAP then can you see how this will cause you health issues?

Managing my stress is something that I continually work at. I am no saint in the stress department let me tell you. However the big deference between now and before is that I now know how extremely important it is to work through my fears and manage my stress rather than bottling it all up inside until something big gives you no other option than to pay attention.

If you have fears around money and it totally wigs you out then I hope you find this helpful.

Next blog post I will be sharing lots of lovely highlights from my trip to Sri Lanka and little insights on how I incorporated healthy eating (most of the time) into my trip.

Lots of Love

JT xx

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