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Working with me in private online consultations

I work with people on a minimum of 3 consultations. The amount of time after this will dependant on the condition.

Initial consultation (90min) + follow up call (15min)

  • Short and long-term goal setting.
  • Comprehensive health and medical case history.
  • Review of current diet, eating patterns, cravings, food dislikes, exercise habits and general lifestyle habits.
  • Assessment of food and nutrient intake.
  • Tailored treatment plan including: therapeutic foods, foods to avoid, general preparation and shopping advice, supplement protocol.
  • Specialised testing referrals: food intolerance tests, candida/ coeliac assays, allergy tests, heavy metals assessment, urinary/salivary hormone profiles and/or blood tests.
  • Personal couching and stress management techniques.
  • Practitioner-only supplement prescription (if applicable).

Follow up up consultation (30-45 min) + follow up call (15min)

  • Review of how recommendations made in the initial consultation went: what was easy, hard and what sort of results was observed.
  • Detailed review & analysis of completed diet diary and relevant, tailored nutrition advice.
  • Review of test results (if applicable).
  • Physical examination to note visible improvements.
  • Development of tailored nutrition & meal plan, including foods to avoid, therapeutic foods & customised recipes.
  • Lifestyle education: organizing the week with shopping, food preparation, how & where to shop; organizing your pantry; how to eat well at work; how to feed your family; general nutrition; breathing and meditation; motivational exercises; stress and exercise management.

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